Shepherd Home

                    Our Mission

                        Rooted in faith and love, we provide comfort 
                      and compassionate care to members of our 
                    community with a terminal illness, in a way
                  that cherishes the dignity of each individual and 
               meets their physical, emotional and spiritual 
           needs. We provide support to families and friends 
      and foster community acceptance that dying is an
integral part of living.
Shepherd Home is a two bedroom home in Penfield, NY that operates under the hospice philosophy, providing 24-hour care for the terminally ill in a residential setting. Shepherd Home offers physical, emotional and spiritual support to those facing the prospect of death. We also provide hospitality and support to family members and friends as well as bereavement counseling and community education.
Beautiful New Signs at Shepherd Home Entrances

After many months of anticipation, our beautiful new signs are in place. In addition to replacing our old sign on Five Mile Line Road, there’s now a second sign on Whalen Road that will let people know what Shepherd Home is and where we’re located.

Many thanks to our generous donors Carol and Steve Preston, whose willingness and enthusiasm to make this happen will always be remembered. Carol and Steve both value the importance of volunteering. Carol is a 12-year hands-on volunteer at Shepherd Home. She also volunteers for the Ronald McDonald House and serves Thanksgiving meals at Community Lutheran Ministry. Steve has served for more than two decades as a volunteer firefighter and EMT for the Penfield Fire Department.


“You matter because you are you.
You matter to the last moment of your life.
We'll do all we can, not only to help you
die peacefully, but to LIVE until you die.”

-- Dame Cicely Saunders
Founder of the Modern Hospice Movement

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