Cindy Andrews
Cindy Andrews is director of human resources for Thermo Fisher Scientific.

She has over 25 years experience in human resources with a focus on talent management, employee engagement and change management. Cindy holds a Master of Science in Strategic Leadership and a Bachelor of Science in Business and Organizational Management both from Roberts Wesleyan College.

Cindy has been on the board for Shepherd Home since 2009.

Why I volunteer at Shepherd Home:

My mother passed away from cancer when I was a young adult.  My siblings and I were lucky in some regard as my mother unexpectedly passed away at home and did not suffer or need round the clock care.  Like me, my siblings were all young and I believe in some regards we were lucky my mother passed the way she did when she did as I do not know how we would have provided for her. This is not the situation for most and Shepherd Home provides care and love for those who cannot provide for their loved ones for one reason or another.